Professional squash courts near Warsaw

Squash has already been chosen the healthiest sport six times by Forbes magazine . At Stawisko Hotel we promote healthy lifestyle and support those who opt for an active way of spending their free time. You will have professional squash courts at your disposal at our hotel near Warsaw. Nice and friendly staff, modern equipment and convenient location merely three kilometers away from Warsaw guarantee great sports emotions. Visit our squash courts near Warsaw and see for yourself.

Recreation zone of our hotel near Warsaw has been designed to improve the quality of your rest. At Stawisko Hotel we aim at providing our guests with the number of ways of spending their leisure time. Nowadays squash is getting more popular all over the world, including Poland. It is an ideal way to maintain health, good shape and well-being for a long time.

Check out our great squash courts near Warsaw and spend your free time actively.

Hotel Stawisko Klaudyn profesjonalne boiska do squasha pod Warszawą
The price of an hour of squash game / per person:

to 18:00PLN 25PLN 25PLN 40PLN 40
from 18:00PLN 40PLN 40PLN 30PLN 30
Squash passes / per person

Number of entriesto 18:00from 18:00
5-entry passPLN 110PLN 190
10-entry passPLN 205PLN 365
15-entry passPLN 300PLN 490
Extra charges:

Ball hirePLN 2
Racket hirePLN 5

Our squash courts near Warsaw are waiting for you

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